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24x7x365 - Intelligent Security Monitoring


Skywatch Security Demonstration.

Skywatch offers a number of solutions tailored to your property’s needs using a number of covert and overt alarms, infrared technology ip cameras and the latest in video analytics to protect your property from opportunist thief’s to the more sophisticated professional criminal. Or deterring loitering, petty vandalism and other anti social behavior that will have a direct impact on your home or business.

Skywatch Cameras and intruder detector devices protect the property at close of business the client arms the Skywatch System by entering a security code into a keypad. This operation puts the  Communication Centre on standby for any possible breach of security on your site.

How it works

Here are just a few real life examples of our system in action and preventing crime.

Here for your piece of mind

The Skywatch remote CCTV monitoring system is a reactive solution designed to detect the presence of intruders on your property using specialist motion detection technology backed up by CCTV cameras and audio equipment. The Skywatch cameras and sensors are installed at your premises and Intervention Specialists in the Communication Hub detect attempted crimes at your property and intervene by stopping intruders before a crime can take place using live audio warnings.

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