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24x7x365 - Intelligent Security Monitoring

Remote CCTV Monitoring

The Skywatch remote CCTV monitoring system is a reactive solution designed to detect the presence of intruders on your property using specialist motion detection technology backed up by CCTV cameras and audio equipment. The Skywatch cameras and sensors are installed at your premises and Intervention Specialists in the Communication Hub detect attempted crimes at your property and intervene by stopping intruders before a crime can take place using live audio warnings.

This is both a highly efficient and cost effective means of protecting your property without the need for on site static security guards.

We have installed our system and proven its effectiveness on properties throughout the country. It has met and even exceeded the expectations of our clients across a variety of different industry sectors. The system comprises of military grade security equipment combined to form a highly sophisticated security solution.

If you are faced with costly measures to protect your business in this time of increased crime rates; Skywatch can come up with a viable competitive remote CCTV monitoring security solution that along with our excellent customer care, will give you peace of mind.

Service and installs are carried out by our partners Carlow Electrical Services PSA licence No: 05846
Monitoring With Our Partners Diamondpoint Ltd PSA No: 05439