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24x7x365 - Intelligent Security Monitoring

About Us

Skywatch are one of the leading providers of monitored CCTV systems in the Country. We use only the most Sophisticated Equipment and software on the market to you and your property are fully protected at all times. The State of the art Communications Hub is custom built to the highest European standards. That operates round the clock using highly trained personnel so you have piece of mind at all times. To protect the things you care most about.

What we can do for you:

Here at Skywatch we believe that prevention is better than cure. Burglars are using more sophisticated tactics/equipment to carry out crime. Remote CCTV video monitoring is the fastest growing sector of the entire security industry. Why?…because it is the ultimate in security services. the key benefit is prevention, prevention, prevention.

Remote CCTV monitoring stops intruders in their tracks before they get a chance to cause damage or commit any crime. Think of it as like having your very own team of private security guards on site at all times. As soon as an intruder enters your property, their movement is immediately picked up by the CCTV transmission equipment. Within a couple of seconds, An operator will be issuing a live audio warning to the intruder and will view them leaving your premises via a live video feed in real time. Any Intruder not leaving immediately will soon be joined by the Gardaí thanks to the controller.

Why Skywatch:

  • Reduced costs
  • Less breakin’s
  • Verify actual alarms and reduce false alarms
  • Intruders intercepted before they do damage to your property
  • Reduce or eliminate the cost of having security personnel  or patrols
  • Reduced insurance costs


Monitoring With Our Partners Diamondpoint Ltd PSA No: 05439